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Welcome to the blog profile

Thank you for installing the ProcessWire blog profile. This is a basic blog profile designed to get you started quickly. The profile can be used as-is or modified to suit your needs. This blog profile was made by Ryan Cramer for use with ProcessWire open source CMS/CMF version 2.2+. The front-end uses the Skeleton CSS framework, making it responsive and mobile friendly. If viewing on a computer, you can resize your browser upwards and downwards to see the different viewports provided. The color scheme used on this profile is based on Nikola Vidoni's Futura admin theme for ProcessWire. 

Getting Started

  • The admin control panel can be accessed by loading the /processwire/ URL in your web browser. 
  • Once logged into the admin, you'll want to edit the homepage. This page contains site-wide configuration settings like your site title, tagline and what widgets appear in the sidebar. 
  • You'll see a page in the admin for each of your sidebar widgets under the Tools page. These can be edited to change their behavior.  
  • Configure your comments settings. See the first comment in this post for instructions. 
  • Start entering posts and categories. Perhaps it's a good idea to replace the default ones already in place (like this one). 
  • This blog profile also includes special pages for Archives, Authors and Recent Comments. If you don't want these in your navigation, edit the relevant page, click the settings tab, check the hidden box, then save
  • Need help or have questions? Stop by the ProcessWire forums

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